360° Virtual Tour Services

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We produce high quality photographic virtual tours. We use high resolution cameras and lighting as required to produce the 360 degree photos used in our tours. The virtual tours are created by us using software which allows viewing on desktop computers, tablets, smartphones and VR headsets. We can provide the complete solution providing both the 360 degree photographer and also the finished tour production which can be customised to the clients needs.

Below are some examples of virtual tours we have created.

Apartment Interior
Treehouse Interior
Restaurant 360 Tour
Commercial Property 360 Tour

How We Work

1. We discuss your needs and you choose the type of virtual tour you want.
2. We visit the property and produce the scenes (photographs) as required.
3. The virtual tour is built.
4. We send you the tour to host on your website or we could host for you*.

Types of Tour

A. Linked Tour - A walkthough tour linked together to navigate through.
B. Thumbnail Tour - A set of scenes, not linked, but viewed by clicking thumbnails to navigate.
C. Linked Tour and Maps - Used in either walkthrough or thumbnail tours, floor plans or maps can be used to help navigate a space.

Additional Tour Options

1. Hotspots - Small icons used to display photos or text in the 360 tour.
2. Hyperlinks - HTML links in the tour allowing users to link to other pages.
3. 360 VR Headset options.

Other Services

1. Video - Video can be rendered out of the 360 scenes to create short video clips of spaces from within the tours.
2. Stills - It is possible to create still images from the tour views (although only screen use quality).
3. 360 Images - A set of the hi-res 360 images are also available to use as stills if required.

Additional benefits from using commercial photographers to produce your tours is that you can produce interior photography and 360 tours at the same time. We can photograph both high quality commercial stills and also your full tour requirements in one visit.

Please contact us with any questions you may have relating to our 360 degree photography and we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and provide quotes for work upon request.

* Subject to terms and conditions.