Interior Photography

We provide interior photography on location for a range of clients in Newcastle upon Tyne and throughout the UK. Some examples of our interior photographs are shown here.

Our interior photography of properties includes residential, retail, hotels, leisure facilities, commercial buildings and public buildings. Photography is captured on high resolution cameras ensuring high quality results for our clients marketing and portfolio needs. Interior photography services can also be commissioned along with our other services such as mast photography.

Interiors are photographed using a combination of lighting techniques. We change these techniques to suit the environment and the mood of the interior space. For example if there is feature lighting we may plan some photography at dusk and mix some flash into the exposure. We usually shoot interior photography using a mixture of natural light and feature lighting in a space and combine this with our soft fill lights. Rooms which have LED lighting, special effect lighting or a mixture of colour settings can be photographed to retain these features and feel of the lighting design.

Our portfolio images above showcase some of the types of projects and interiors we have photographed for clients. For more information please have a look at our interior photography services page.