Mast Photography

We currently have two mast systems which can be used to photograph buildings and facilities. Some examples of elevated photography at different heights and in different locations are shown here.

The mast system uses a wireless connection so both photographer and client (if required) can view the photography or video live during the shoot. The camera settings can controlled from the ground and pan and tilt controls are available for positioning.

Our mast photography is used in a variety of ways alongside our architectural photography services. The masts can be mounted to vehicles or tripods so we can position the camera in areas where vehicles may not be able to access. Mast photography can help create a wide view of a property and its surroundings and can be used on residential or commercial property shoots. Some of the shots in our portfolio have been taken on different systems to our current mast system.

Mast photography is sometimes referred to as elevated photography or low level aerial photography. Our mast photography service is based around heights between 4-10 meters. For residential property we find a good height to capture images at is 7 meters. This height gives a good angle on 2-3 story properties without showing too much of the roof. Commercial property is often photographed at 10 meters. Some of the images in our galleries may have been photographed on a mast system over 10 meters which is a service we can no longer provide as standard or with short notice.

We can shoot video from the masts and record drops in height or turns through 360 degrees. This is shot in HD (1080p). We can also stitch panoramas to create a 180 degree (or wider) angle of view. We can also shoot 360 spherical images for 360 viewers.

When planning mast photography location and weather considerations must be made. It is therefore advisable to discuss the location of the proposed shot and identify any possible hazards which could prevent us from photographing. Weather conditions can cause the cancellation of a photography shoot. If high winds or bad weather occurred, we would re-arrange the date for the shoot with you. We can also measure the approximate height the camera is positioned, if you need to know this for any technical purposes.