Architectural Photography Services

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We are based in Newcastle upon Tyne and produce high quality architectural photography throughout the UK. We photograph architecture for a variety of clients for marketing and portfolio use.

Our architectural photography services include;

•  High resolution still photography
•  Dusk and night photography
•  Mast photography (day and dusk)
•  360 degree photography
•  Time lapse (small projects)
•  HD video capture (small projects)

Please view our architectural photography portfolio for examples of our work.

We have two photographers shooting architectural photography with similar styles. We plan our photography around good weather conditions and also the time of day, considering the direction of light and time of year for exterior and interior photo shoots. The weather conditions and seasons have a major effect on the appearance of the final image.

We have two mast systems which allow elevated photography to be taken from a vehicle or tripod position. Our mast photography services can be used to gain height above car parks, landscaped areas and streets to obtain a different view of the architecture and sometimes a more interesting and eye-catching photograph.

When shooting mast photography we consider the architectural design of the buildings and choose good light conditions to capture the photography. As with all our architectural photography we would plan around building position and weather forecasting, to create the best photography we can. Cameras are operated and controlled from the ground by the photographer and the view can be seen by the client live on screen if required.

We can produce residential property photography, commercial property photography and photography of hotels and leisure facilities. We also shoot cityscapes and have done this extensivley over the past 18 years.

All photography can be produced along with the options of producing 360 degree image capture and time lapse if required.