Mast Photography Services

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We have two photographers each experienced providing architectural photography using masts and can travel throughout the UK for clients. The masts can either be vehicle mounted or operated from a tripod. Mast Photography is often referred to as elevated photography or sometimes low level aerial photography. We are able to set our systems up in a variety of places (subject to survey).

Our masts services include;

•  Still photography
•  Dusk / night photography
•  Wide Panoramas
•  360 degree images
•  HD video capture (1080p)

Please view our mast photography portfolio for examples of our work.

We have two mast systems and both can be used on a vehicle or on tripods. This enables the masts to be positioned in areas where vehicles are not able to get to, such as gardens in residential properties or landscaped areas surrounding commercial buildings. The masts are able to operate at heights up to 10 meters. Generally photography is taken at heights between 7-10 meters (subject to survey). Some of the shots in our portfolio have been taken on different systems to our current masts. For higher views than our current masts can provide please contact us to discuss the work required.

When shooting mast photography we consider the architectural design of the buildings and choose good light conditions to capture the photography. We generally plan photography around building position and weather forecasts, to create the best photography we can. Planning photography around the weather conditions is important to produce quality results. Our cameras are operated and controlled from the ground by the photographer and the view can be seen by the client live on screen if required.

We can produce residential property photography, commercial property photography and photography of hotels and leisure facilities. We can usually do this type of photography in daylight, dusk and at night.

All photography can be produced along with the options of producing 360 degree image capture and HD video footage.